Stepping out, Stepping up

It all started with an idea. But everyone has one, so where do we go from here?

I've had a desire to tell a Civil War story for quite some time. It started with a character, sitting him down in a cabin, and writing until I knew him more than I knew myself. Opportunities came and went, new drafts came and went, and my motivation came and went.

Then I got tired of waiting.

So much of our time can be spent waiting. But waiting for what? Someone else who has more courage than we do to offer us an opportunity? This world turns under moving feet, and carries away those who stay put.

I started filmmaking because I no longer wanted to wait for my phone to ring; for someone to offer me an opportunity. It was, is and will always be time to create opportunity. All I knew was what makes a good story, and everything else I was okay with learning along the way. Nobody knows anything until they've done it once. So I've made it a point to stretch in every project; embrace the unknown; and never (EVER!) do it alone.

So here we are. Leaping on Leap day: Expanding a tiny idea into 25 pages of powerful storytelling. Believing for a multitude of generous hearts to believe in this story, or to believe in us, or both. Daring to make a film that will challenge every individual that comes aboard. Bravely stepping in to the world of the civil war, through the eyes of a Black, Union Soldier on the run.

And needing to raise at least $40K to achieve it.

Coming soon: We're building a what? Who's "we"? and The Countdown to Kickstarter.