What If...

What if...

Those two words usually don't end well. And they often come at the most pivotal moments. For some, it's before we even begin. And for most; we never do. For others; it's when we've reached that point in the fight where fatigue sets in, and hopelessness tempts us to give up. "I don't see how we will ever get through this." But, please, if you've never experienced this weight of fear and self-doubt then just stop reading right now.

What if...

My experience getting our film off the ground has been full of "What If's". And not just from me! But every time I've decided we need to press on, despite the doubt. Life's too short to never try. And I can confidently say I'm not afraid to fail. So I often do. But it's funny how it becomes easier and easier to accept the failures, and harder and harder to make the same mistake.

Right now, if I can be transparent with you, we've only raised 8% of our funding goal. And we only have 11 days to go. I'd say the WHAT IF is pretty strong right about now. But WHAT IF we flipped it on it's head. Filled in the rest with something positive; re-energizing; motivating; something HOPEFUL.

WHAT IF... we wasted our time! WHAT IF... this was all for nothing! WHAT IF... we don't raise the money!

And to that I say... What if we do :)


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